Concrete flat saw cutting experts in Charlotte, NC

Concrete flat saw cutting experts in Charlotte, NC

At Catalyst Construction Company, we have worked  in concrete for over thirty years. Our experienced concrete flat saw crews have mastered the techniques of concrete work. We are concrete flat saw cutting experts in Charlotte, NC. With a large inventory of hand-held to walk-behind saws (electric, propane, diesel and gas-powered models), our equipment can meet all job specifications. All our tools are equipped with wet-cutting, diamond blades to ensure smoother, more precise cuts and safer procedures. Typical applications for flat saw cutting include:

  • Cutting reinforced concrete floors
  • Cutting expansion and control joints
  • Cutting openings for staircases, elevators and duct work
  • Trenching for utility installation
  • Removing damaged pavement
  • Clearing and repairing cracks
  • Removing concrete sections for demolition purposes
  • Opening concrete floors to access and repair broken pipes

With any concrete cutting project, the right equipment and techniques will make it easier, safer and more precise.

Working with concrete requires an experienced hand

Cutting newly poured concrete requires exact timing. Flat saw cuts are necessary to create contraction joints. These joints allow for the slab to shrink or expand during temperature changes. It controls future unintended cracking.

 Working with concrete requires an experienced hand. Cutting needs to be done when the concrete is hard but only half cured. The concrete mix design, the air temperature, the cutting depth and the type of admixtures and aggregate used in the concrete are all various factors to be considered.

Concrete repairs with flat saw cutting in Charlotte, NC

Despite its strength and hardness, concrete expands, shrinks, cracks and breaks. At Catalyst Construction Company, we have handled concrete repairs with flat saw cutting in Charlotte, NC for decades. The key to repairing concrete is understanding its restraint properties when making appropriate contraction joints. Before determining cut placement, contributing factors such as the curing technique originally used, the slab thickness and length, as well as the base type must be considered. The saw cuts need to be made in multiple, shallow strokes. Rushing the job and forcing the blade can cause damage. Maintaining a low RPM setting keeps the saw from overheating.

Choosing the right equipment for concrete flat saw cutting

In addition to technique, choosing the right equipment for concrete flat saw cutting is crucial. Diamond blades create the best results, but wet-cutting extends the life of the blade. With wet-cutting diamond blades, a diamond/metal composite is bonded on the perimeter of the circular blade. After regular use, this composite slowly wears away while new diamond cutting edges are exposed. Wet-cutting diamond blades make faster, cleaner cuts. Liberal amounts of water keep the blades cool and lubricated. Dust exposure is kept to a minimum. Since the dust is washed away before it becomes airborne, it meets the new OSHA respirable crystalline silica standards.

Hand-held saws provide more control while making multiple shallow cuts. These cuts can be made with more precision. Walk-behind saws are best for large flat concrete surfaces. They make the straightest and deepest cuts.

Whatever your flat saw cutting needs are, Catalyst Construction Company has what it takes to get the job done quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Contact us to learn about what we have to offer.